Mar 202016

So I’ve had a few people tell me I need to do an update on “Desi”. I’ve been meaning to but just didn’t get a round to it.  Can you say procrastinate? Anyway, here it is.

A few days after I adopted her we took her to the groomer (it’s time again, appt. next week) and the groomer Rebecca said that  she didn’t look like a Pekingese at all, that she looks like a Japanese Chin. So we researched and researched and talked to a few other people familiar with dog breeds and everyone told us that yes, she’s a Japanese Chin. We were going to send off her DNA to make sure, but like I said, I’m a procrastinator. Then, off course, we had to give her a Japanese name. I wanted to name her the Japanese word for “healing” because we are healing each other. She is healing me from the loss of my husband and Patches, and I’m healing her from being born and abused in a puppy mill. But, I didn’t like the sound of it which was Chiyu. After looking at many many other choices I finally decided on Kaiyo, which means ocean, which is my happy place. What was so funny is that even though her original name was Desi, and we called her that ourselves for almost two weeks, she ignored us when we’d call her. But from the first time we called her Kaiyo she stopped what she was doing and looked at us. It was like she knew she was supposed to be named Kaiyo.

Here she is sitting beside me on the couch, just staring at me.

She’s thinking “Thank you for rescuing me. I love you!”.

Kaiyo Staring


Kaiyo P Boy


That’s her peeing. Yes, she pees with her back leg hiked up. Like a boy dog. But she’s a girl. It’s so cute! And no, it’s not from a urinary infection, the vet gave her a clean bill of health, other than being malnourished. Anthony thinks she may have learned to pee like that from the male dogs in the puppy mill.

And btw, she told me to tell you she’s having a bad hair day month, so don’t think she always looks like this. The groomer was backed up and she’s way past due for a furcut. When she goes next week I’ll tell Rebecca to make it the same date every month so she won’t have to go around all shaggy.

Did I tell you she snorts like a pig? Yes, she does. It’s so cute. It’s because her little face is all smushed in. I was never a fan of dogs with smushed faces, but I am now. Kaiyo is adorbs. And she snores. Loud. Like a huge dog. Really loud. I tried uploading a video of her but it’s too big and I was having trouble getting it to my email. I’ll work on that and post it in my next update if I can.

Kaiyo shows me every day, all day long, how happy she is to have been rescued from the horrible place and how much she loves me, and Anthony.

I promised her the first day I had her that she would never go hungry or thirsty, never be hit, kicked, yelled at or abused in any way again. And she won’t. She is a very special doggy,  a tiny little thing wrapped in a whole lot of love. To me it’s amazing that she went from being so broken, and in just a week or so she was full of happiness and trusted me completely, well, except that she still won’t go through a doorway without me backing up away from it. Don’t know why.

I still miss Patches everyday, and although I’ll always hurt that’s she’s no longer with me, Kaiyo makes that ache a bit more bearable.

There’s so much more I could tell you about her. Like how she is SO MUCH like Patches. Here’s one example. Patches never laid on her dog bed like she was supposed to. I have so many photos of her laying this way and that way but never the right way. Kaiyo does the same thing. I’ll save those photos for another post. But I will share one of her laying on the pillow I have for her in the dining room floor by my chair.

Kaiyo sleeping on back


I loved Patches so much that I didn’t ever want another pet. But, the happiness and love from a new pet sure does help you heal. I love those car stickers that say “Who Rescued Who”. That’s exactly what I think to myself every day.

  14 Responses to “Kaiyo: The Dog Formally Known As Desi”

  1. What a lovely post! I am very happy for you and Kaiyo 🙂

  2. Vicki,

    Kaiyo is so adorable! She seems very, very happy in her new home. I am thrilled that she’s adjusting so well (it probably helps that you are such a wonderful doggie mommy!). Enjoy your weekend, and have a lovely first day of spring! 🙂

  3. Aw, Kaiyo sounds like one special dog! I’m so glad y’all found each other.

  4. Thanks for the update post. I’m glad she likes her new name.

  5. Such a sweet doggie! And the name is perfect, right? Kaiyo. Our daughter and son-in-law lost one of their 3 dogs a couple of weeks ago – well, he had to go on to doggie heaven. Barley had a big tumor inside his heart and it was growing fast. Anyway, they were heartbroken as he was the first dog they got together after they married 9 years ago. I feel sure that there is another pup out there that they will rescue before long. So glad to hear that your Kaiyo has ‘rescued’ you. 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness, she is so very adorable! I love her little face and her very regal name.
    We’ve rescued dogs that had hard lives– abused, neglected, with lots of baggage– and they are grateful for having an easy life from now on.

    It’s hard to say who is benefiting more, when someone takes in a dog. I’m so glad you adopted rather than bought. I wish everyone would save a life that way.

    Yes, from what I can see your pup is a Japanese Chin. I don’t know if you got her from a shelter but they are notorious for getting the dogs’ breeds horribly mixed up and making totally random guesses. I’ve had, and do have now, a black and white Shih Tzu and they snore also, and reverse sneeze, and generally snuffle like pigs. Pekingese are Chinese dogs and Shih Tzus are from the Tibet region. They all have some similarities but definitely different too.

    Enjoy being her new mommy and taking walks with her 🙂

  7. Vicki, I loved this post, it made me tear up. I hope the two of you will be very happy. In 2009 after my brother died, his wife was inconsolable and agreed to adopt a Cavaluer King Charles from a puppy mill down South. 6 years later she still says all the time “who rescued who?” He was and is the best dog from day 1. She got him certified as an emotional support dog and he is the best flyer as well– they are in FL right now.

    Wishing you much happiness.

  8. Our shiba inu (also Japanese) is female and occasionally hikes her leg to pee too. But if it’s in our own yard, she doesn’t do it, only on walks where other dogs have been, as if she is claiming the territory.
    Kaiyo is adorable and I know she is grateful to be with you. We have always adopted rescue dogs and they seem to know they will never be treated poorly again. Love this update.

  9. What a cutie! Beautiful post!

  10. Such a cutie! Sounds like you are perfect for each other.

  11. Hi Vicki,

    What a warm and uplifting post, although those great pictures really did make me smile as well 🙂

    Kaiyo is a lovely name and really suits her. She obviously thinks so too, if she was happy to answer to her name change so readily.

    Take Care of one another 🙂


  12. I am so happy for you! It seems like a match made in Heaven for you both 🙂

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