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Since I live at least an hour from any city that has a Whole Foods, I’ve never been to one. I usually just go to where I need to and go back home. Once in a while we’ll roam around a bit to see what we can see. That’s how I found a Trader Joe’s a few months back, and then yesterday after my son had some drs. appts. in Tampa, we decided to go to some pet stores we’ve never been to (don’t you love GPS?) and passed a Whole Foods and stopped on the way back to check it out. That store is amazing! I loved it! They’re a bit more expensive on some things, but we saw some food we’ve never seen before like 4 strange varieties of sweet potatoes. We bought one of each to try them. I also found Kiss My Face products. I love this brand and can’t find them anywhere in the area I live. I bought a bottle of their deep moisturizing lotion for 50% off! I’ve also been looking for Garam Masala and found some there.

I was surprised to see that they had so many different departments. Their meat looked amazing as did the seafood. If we had been going straight home I would have bought some. They also have a floral section and cheese shop, but what surprised me the most was their buffet style food tables. They had one for soup, one for all kinds of different foods, and one for olives. What? Yes, they had an olive bar. I was amazed at how many different types of olives they had. Neither one of us knew there were that many different varieties of olives. When we told my daughter about it she said the same thing. The soup bar was amazing too and we smelled every one of them. There was one that smelled over the top yummy and I plan on making it soon. We didn’t get a photo of all the bars (wish we had) but we did get one of the olives. There’s even a little section where you can sit down at a table and enjoy the food. We were there around noon and quite a few people were eating their lunch there.

If you haven’t been to a Whole Foods (and Trader Joe’s) before, you really should find one and go. I love them both.

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  1. We have a Trader Joe’s but no Whole Foods. I was in a small WF years ago, but I’m told they’re pretty fantastic. I’ll have to seek one out next time I’m traveling. Sound like a great place to both shop and eat.

  2. We just got a Whole Foods here and I used to go to one in a nearby town a pretty good bit. There hot lunch areas are pretty amazing and I love their soups and pizza. We have a Sprouts and a Earthfare but no Trader Joe’s yet. I’m waiting!

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!!

    I live in walking distance of both Whole Foods and a Trader Joe’s — I drive there because I always buy too much to carry, but I’ve been known to stop in when taking a walk. So I agree with everything you say… they are wonderful stores. Beginning when I lived in France and loved the shops called “traiteurs” that had buffets of food to take home, I always use places like that — and like Whole Foods’ food bars — to get IDEAS! I go over to the meat and vegetable departments and buy the raw ingredients to make what looks good. The current Consumer Reports reviewed a bunch of food bars at many supermarket chains — they agree with me that it’s much cheaper that way and often very easy! I’ve blogged about this, maybe should do it again thanks to your inspirational post.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  4. Luckily we live within 5 minutes of a Whole Foods – don’t know what I’d do without it. I was first drawn to them because of the organic meats, GF products and no trans fats products. They’re certainly more expensive than other supermarket chains and I don’t like their avocados, but I love the bakery and many of their store brand items.

  5. I’ve been going to Whole Foods for years and years and years. Yes, Austin is where Whole Foods got it’s beginning – down close to the University of Texas campus. The food bars are rather a new-ish thing, just in the last few years and they are good. They’ve actually changed over the years a bit – gotten a little more upscale. A long time ago, in my other life as a state tax auditor, I audited the original Whole Foods. I can remember that their corporate offices were so laid -back – this would have been in the ’80’s. Most people, including the president of the company, had their desks on the floor and they sat on pillows. I was standing there in my business suit trying to figure out how I was going to get down on that pillow and back up without showing all my ‘whatevers’. LOL LOL

  6. I’m pretty sure I went to one of these visiting Houston a few years ago, it was great, and I would have liked to buy lots of stuff, but you can’t do that either when you travelling.

  7. That’s a ginormous olive bar! Cheers from Carole’s Chatter

  8. I enjoy going to Whole Foods and Trader Joes is a monthly stop for me. I also like the Publix on Longboat Key, that store has everything and of course, my heart belongs to Wegmans.

  9. I just got back from Whole Foods (5 avocados for $5 sale this weekend!) 😉 I love it too. It can be expensive but if you know how to shop the store, there are good deals to be had. Most of them offer a free value tour at least once a month where they teach you how to save money while shopping there.

    Now. if we could only get Trader Joes over here (sigh) … 😉

  10. I get to Whole Foods most weeks in the winter (I use Farmers Markets more in the summer). I always try to go at lunch so I can justify getting a slice of pizza and a salad.

  11. I don’t love Trader Joe’s but do like Whole Foods – you can’t beat their meat and cheese departments.

  12. I like Trader Joes a bit more than While Foods but WF has an amazing cheese section. I love their olive bar too!

  13. I like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s less only because of their organic section (or lack thereof). Whole Foods has lots of great things and I’ve like a lot of the meat I’ve bought there.

  14. Well, I have been to a Trader Joes’ in Phoenix and a Whole Foods in Fort Collins CO. Both places are where each of my children live. We have a Wal-Mart, Albertsons, and a local grocery in my small town. So I am jealous, jealous, jealous of you who have such shopping variety. “sigh”

  15. I love Whole Foods–but I rarely go. There is one relatively near us, but just far enough out of the way that I don’t normally drive by it. I have a bad habit of succumbing to too many impluse buys there!

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