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Paradise Drive by Rebecca Foust

Paperback: 114 pages
Publisher: Press 53 (April 24, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1941209165
ISBN-13: 978-1941209165

Paradise Drive is a collection of contemporary sonnets whose narrator leads readers on a moral and spiritual polgrimage from the roots of debt and despair in a small manufacturing town to the wealth and despair in one of hte most precious pieces of reall eastate in the United States.

This book of sonnets is a short read, but it is packed to the brim with thought provoking poems that will stop you from going to the next one until you think about what you just read. In fact, I had to re-read many of them before I “got” all that I think the author intended me to get.

The book is full of wit, truth, heartbreak and more. My favorite was:

Sloth, Just Wanting To Go For A Sail
“You could say I sonneteer like some sail:
on weekends, in fair weather, ever inside the curve of a warm, shallow bay.
If born a boat, I’d be that sunfish, tied in it’s slip.
Or the kayak that unfurled a parasol for it’s red sail.
Sure, I could outrace the fleet when in front of the wind, but tacking?
To tedious, too technical.
My sestets and octets–prolapsed.
My sail–slack.
But what is wrong with simply being, I think, in irons?
Why not drop the sheet, lie back, and bask–ah–in the sunset’s last heat?
Twilight’s pied beauty.
An ebb tide rocking the hull.
An eddy. The cry of a lone osprey and gull.”

How beautiful is that?

I think anyone who loves sonnets, or poetry, would enjoy this book. It would also make a great introduction for those who aren’t fans, or have never read this type of book.

About the author:
4bec8b90-31b4-4756-aaa3-1071134ce605 Rebecca Fousts book Dark Card, won the 2007 Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook and was released by Texas Review Press in June 2008, and a full length manuscript was a finalist in Poetrys 2007 Emily Dickinson First Book Award. Her recent poetry won two 2007 Pushcart nominations and appears or is forthcoming in Atlanta Review, Margie, North American Review, Nimrod, Spoon River Poetry Review, and others. She also won the 2015 American Literary Review Creative Writing Award for Fiction judged by Garth Greenwell and the 2015 James Heart Poetry Prize judged by Jane Hirshfield.

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  2. Hi Vicki,

    Thank you for your thoughtful review of Paradise Drive. I love the poem you picked as one of your favorites. Sonnets are gorgeous, aren’t they?

    Thank you for being on the tour.

  3. Sounds wonderful. I really don’t read enough poetry.

  4. Wonderful review, Vicki! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve started it and am already quite enthralled. I’m also on the tour for this collection (later in the month).

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