Nov 302015


Drowned By Corn by Erika Hayasaki

 One morning in 2010, four teenage boys in a small Illinois town went to work in a grain bin—one of those towering silver cylinders that contain corn and dominate the midwestern landscape. But something went terribly wrong. By day’s end, some would be alive. Others would not. A close-knit community would be devastated, forced to endure. This gripping true story centers on what happened to one courageous and flawed young man who survived, and how his life quickly spiraled out of control in the next two years. It is a story about love, unbreakable friendship, and “king” corn

This is a Kindle Single but it didn’t seem short to me at all. It’s a true story that had me glued to the pages, not wanting to stop for a second. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for these boys, or the emotions the survivors still carry today. A very gripping story.

I loved how the community pulled together. A very good book!

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  1. When I was younger I read a lot of accounts of such tragedies. The really good ones tended to talk about the aftermath and how the survivors fared. This one sounds really worthwhile.

  2. This sounds really good. Not sure I could read it. When I wasyounger I lost a real good friend. She was only seven.. She was at the top of a grain silo with her dad watching the corn go in. her shoe fell off and she reached in to grab it and fell in. She slid to the bottom, literally right in front of the door at the bottom. Her dad saw her missing and rushed to the top then to the bottom. He opened the door and stuck a shovel in front of her face while he went to get help. The weight of it crushed the life out of her. Had she lived she would have been blind due to the grain dust scratching her eyes. Forty seven years later and it still brings tears to my eyes and brings back fresh memories.

  3. I think I remember hearing something about that. It sounds good but sad.

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