Aug 292015

sky tree moon

Saturday Snapshot

  14 Responses to “Saturday Snapshot”

  1. Is that the moon? Great photo!

  2. Surprising to see the moon in the daytime!

    Here’s my Saturday Snapshot!

  3. Shy moon! I do love seeing it peek out at unexpected times.

    Thanks for sharing, and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  4. Great shot of the daytime moon.

  5. Beautiful moon in a bright blue sky! I love this photo.
    My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

  6. Nice moon! We noticed it was waxing this week, too. It will be full tonight!

  7. I was babysitting some girls the other day and we actually had a lengthy discussion about why the moon was up during the day. Their main thought was that it didn’t want to go to bed 😛

    – Linking over from Saturday Snapshots

  8. Moon in day makes a cool capture. 🙂
    Have a great Sunday!

  9. Great shot! It is so hard to capture a good photo of the moon. This is a lovely picture.


    Book By Book

  10. That’s a very unusual shot; great capture Vicki.

  11. I often see the moon during the day also – and I love it! I’ve been gazing out the window a lot this week at night time – the moon has been so bright and beautiful!

    Linda in VA

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