Aug 152015

palm crest

This is the Palm Crest. My family and I stayed there every year when we came to Florida from Ohio for a two week vacation. I loved this hotel and the friends I met each year. I live in Florida now and still visit this beach.  I took this photo the last time I was there, when my son and I went. So many good memories!!

Saturday Snapshot

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  1. Such wonderful memories!

  2. We used to go to the beach as well for our vacation as kids. I havent been to the towns where we vacationed as kids in close to 20 years but I still have some great memories from those times. I will have to make time to see them when I am in Australia again.

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  3. I love remembering special places I’ve stayed. This one is wonderful. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you get to enjoy it every year.


  4. Hi!
    That looks so inviting. Have a great day!

  5. Wonderful!

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  6. It is so easy on holidays to forget to photograph the place where you have stayed.

  7. Good point, Ginny. We take vacation photos of places we visit while on vacation, of the people we vacation with, but not often of the place where we stay. I never was on a beach vacation as a kid, only camping, mountains, lakes and a rustic cabin my parents rented for several years when I was a teen. I wonder if any of my siblings have pictures of that cabin?

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