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Method 15/33 by Shannon Kirk

Hardcover: 258 pages
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing (May 5, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1608091457
ISBN-13: 978-1608091454

2015 National Indie Excellence Award Winner for Best Suspense Novel

Imagine a helpless, pregnant 16-year-old who’s just been yanked from the serenity of her home and shoved into a dirty van. Kidnapped…Alone…Terrified.

Now forget her…

Picture instead a pregnant, 16-year-old, manipulative prodigy. She is shoved into a dirty van and, from the first moment of her kidnapping, feels a calm desire for two things: to save her unborn son and to exact merciless revenge.

She is methodical―calculating― scientific in her plotting. A clinical sociopath? Leaving nothing to chance, secure in her timing and practice, she waits―for the perfect moment to strike. Method 15/33 is what happens when the victim is just as cold as the captors.

The agents trying to find a kidnapped girl have their own frustrations and desires wrapped into this chilling drama. In the twists of intersecting stories, one is left to ponder. Who is the victim? Who is the aggressor?


Wow! This was quite a twist on a kidnapping scheme. The kidnapper was used to girls who were the epitome of victim, but when he kidnapped Lisa he grabbed the wrong girl. She could turn her emotions off and on at will. She had a keen eye and mind for the smallest detail, things almost everyone else wouldn’t take notice of. She was cold and calculating. And she was going to escape with her baby no matter what it took.

When she was thrown in the van he blindfolded her but she could still see since he didn’t tie it tight enough. She made sure to pay attention where they went so she’d know where she was taken and how to get back when she escaped. Once they got to where he was going to keep her, she decided to be the perfect victim. She said please and thank you and made him think she was going to be no problem at all. And that’s exactly what he thought. Boy was he wrong!

I’m really struggling on what to add, I don’t want to give anything away. There are so many twists and more characters come into the story. I guess I’ll finish with this was one of those books that I’ll remember for a very long time. It is probably going to be re-read a few times.

I’ve read a lot of books with a kidnapping theme, but this was so different that my mind is still trying to process it. Yes, other books have had the person kidnapped escape and get revenge but this book this character was even more manipulative than the kidnapper. This book reminds me of Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. Both are first novels for the authors. Both are about kidnappings. Both women get revenge. I loved Still Missing, but this book takes the main character to another level.

If you love books like this then get a copy now. It was amazing!



Meet The Author
shannon-kirk Shannon Kirk is a practicing attorney and a law professor. She attended West Virginia Wesleyan and St. John’s Universities, is a graduate of Suffolk Law School, and was a trial lawyer in Chicago prior to moving to Massachusetts. She has been honored three times by the Faulkner Society in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, a physicist, and their son. Method 15/33 is her first novel.


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  1. Sounds like an original story in a crowded field of suspense thrillers. Thanks so much for introducing it to us and sharing your thoughts on it with us.

  2. Wow, this looks amazing. I have to read this one, I love a good thriller and mystery.

  3. This sounds very suspenseful! Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Vicki! 🙂

  4. This really sounds excellent!

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