Jul 182015


My son and I saw this church when we spent the day walking downtown Tampa. There were a few other churches but I especially love the architectural details on this one.

Saturday Snapshot

  15 Responses to “Saturday Snapshot: Downtown Tampa Church”

  1. Gorgeous church…and you captured it perfectly. Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  2. It’s gorgeous, I love the roof. Did you go inside?

  3. I can see why – that’s gorgeous!

  4. I love old churches and always tend ti snap a shot when I see a new one.

  5. What a gorgeous church!

  6. Beautiful! I love discovering unique places, buildings, and spots when traveling!

  7. This old. Hutch is so old world Loki g, great architecture.

  8. Gorgeous church! Thank you for posting this wonderful photo, Vicki.

  9. Beautiful church, great shot 🙂

  10. Love it!!!!

  11. What a beautiful building, but intimidating, too.

  12. Beautiful! I especially love that Rose window!

  13. Hi Vicki,

    Hubbie and I author and publish walking trails around the various towns and cities near to where we live and inevitably there is always a strategic clue in the church grounds, to encourage participants to stop and admire the church architecture. I know that friends and relatives don’t share our passion for the beauty and elegance of many of the churches, but for us this is a great way to discover some of our amazing heritage.

    I like the perspective and clarity of your shot 🙂


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