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Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps by Carole Staveley

Are you frustrated with your current health condition? Have you been unable to get satisfactory answers? Do you wonder if there are solutions to your health problems that you might not be aware of? After conquering a chronic pain condition that stymied the medical establishment and left her struggling to remain active for 13 years, Carole Staveley regained her life and achieve something beyond her wildest dreams: an Ironman triathlon. Recognizing the years of unnecessary suffering in her own life, Carole’s mission today is to maximize your chances of overcoming perceived health barriers in the shortest possible time. This book will help you achieve new levels of wellness by helping you: Develop the mindset that empowers you to search for solutions and persevere through the ups and downs of your health improvement journey. Effectively build a health “team” of problem solvers eager to help you achieve your health goals. Identify, implement and evaluate various approaches that can contribute to improving your condition. Keep your healthy vision alive, no matter the challenges you face.

Carole Staveley takes her hard earned knowledge and puts it in this book so that you too can conquer your pain. She suffered for years and with this book gives you information so that you can begin to improve your health.

There are four sections in this book, and at the end is a “Conclusion”.
Section 1: Establish a Health Champion Mindset
Section 2: Build and Leverage Your Health Champion Team
Section 3: Persevere
Section 4: On Chronic Pain and Triathlons

Through these sections you’ll read how to set appropriate goals, select the right health professionals, fully implement potential solutions and more. It guides you step by step so that you can get your thoughts straight about your symptoms and how to go about setting up a plan that will help you the most. One of the things that I liked about the book was the information on selecting a doctor and surrounding yourself with positive people. I also liked the information in Section 4, chapter ten on what to or not to eat, supplements, hydration, strength training, yoga, massage, quality sleep and more. One of the things the author talks about is practicing gratitude. I always try to be grateful for everything in my life, I was glad to see this in her book. I think a positive attitude is very important to your health.

This book is packed with information that is easy to understand. It was much more in depth than I was expecting.

It you or anyone you know has chronic pain, I would highly recommend this book.

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  4 Responses to “Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps by Carole Staveley”

  1. What a great book. I agree with you, a positive attitude helps your mental and physical health more than you realize. Great giveaway too!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway. This is the second blog I’ve been to and entered. (Not sure if I can enter twice.) I would love to win this book. It sounds really good and I know someone who hasFibromyalgia that I would love to share this book with. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

  3. This book would be a treasure for me and very helpful. Arthritis in my hands, and wrist as well as hand and wrist surgery, and breast cancer makes this invaluable. thanks for this giveaway.

  4. Thank you for the review, and for helping to spread the word about becoming your own Health Champion to make the most of your life!

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