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Donna Bell’s Bake Shop: Recipes and Stories of Family, Friends, and Food
by Pauley Perrette, Darren Greenblatt, Matthew Sandusky

Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (April 14, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 147677112X
ISBN-13: 978-1476771120

The heartwarming story of how NCIS star Pauley Perrette and her two best friends created a Southern-style bake shop in Manhattan—a celebration of love and friendship with gorgeous photographs and delicious recipes.

Nestled in the heart of midtown New York is a little shop with a big story. An all-natural bake shop that specializes in Southern baked goods, Donna Bell’s is owned by Pauley Perrette, the actress who plays Abby Sciuto on CBS’s NCIS, and her two best friends, Darren Greenblatt and Matthew Sandusky. It was named in honor of Pauley’s late mother, who is the beloved inspiration for everything they bake.

It all started in 1993, when Pauley met Darren in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen, just blocks away from where the shop is currently located. The two became inseparable friends and Pauley’s Southern mom would welcome Darren to their home with mouthwatering treats. Darren loved this food and soon left his successful career in fashion to open a food truck that sold Southern desserts at the Jersey Shore. Eventually he wanted to expand and turned to Pauley and their friend Matthew—who worked in the Los Angeles food industry—for help. Soon Matthew was on his way to New York to open Donna Bell’s Bake Shop with Pauley and Darren.

With recipes for favorites like buttermilk biscuits, chocolate chip-almond scones, and peach streusel muffins; personal photographs from Pauley, Darren, Matthew, and Donna Bell herself; this is the story how one fantastic bake shop brings warmth and happiness—one treat at a time—to the urban jungle that is New York City.

As soon as I saw this book I knew I wanted to read it. NCIS is one of my favorite tv shows and Pauley’s character Abby has such a quirky fashion style and personality that makes the show a lot of fun to watch! I loved reading how the bake shop came to be, the relationships between the authors, and the authors and their families.

The recipes look easy enough and the ingredients easy to find. But, the one recipe my son wanted me to make uses frozen cranberries, and I can’t find them anywhere.

The photos are great and make the book come “alive”. It is very well written and I enjoyed it from the first word to the last.

If you love to bake, love bake shops or just love Pauley, get a copy of this book!

I’m going to NYC later this year with my oldest son and his family and my youngest son. Donna Bell’s Bake Shop will definitely be one of the places I visit.

Question: Anyone have a suggestion of what frozen fruit to use in place of cranberries? I’m thinking maybe blueberries.

About The Authors
Pauley Perrette is one of the top Q-rated actors in television and film and is on her twelfth season playing Abby on the #1 TV show NCIS. She is also a producer, director, philanthropist, activist, songwriter, singer, and writer. Pauley was raised all over the south but considers Alabama her hometown. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Darren Greenblatt was a creative entrepreneur in the fashion industry for over twenty years. Darren’s exquisite talent for design and entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with being a lifelong foodie, was the spark that started Donna Bell’s Bake Shop.

Matthew Sandusky is coowner and head baker for Donna Bell’s Bake Shop. Matthew’s experience working in the food industry for many years and his natural talent for baking has helped Donna Bell’s flourish.

Thanks to Amanda @ Simon and Schuster
for sending me this book for review

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  8 Responses to “Donna Bell’s Bake Shop: Recipes and Stories of Family, Friends, and Food
by Pauley Perrette, Darren Greenblatt, Matthew Sandusky”

  1. Oh my gosh, I want to go there too!

  2. This looks like a fun book. I love Abby on NCIS.

  3. We love NCIS and I love Abby/Pauley. This looks like a great book. I’ll have to seek it out. 🙂

  4. Now there is a shop I would love to live near by. Walking distance preferably.

  5. Love NCIS and Pauley thank you for your thoughts. And yes, I’d use frozen blueberries, but don’t defrost them, they’ll make your batter purple and they’ll be mushy, just put them in frozen.

  6. I was flipping through this book at Barnes & Noble last weekend. It’s a great tribute to her mother, I liked the recipes. How cool that you will be visiting NY!

  7. Wow, I didn’t even know she had a book out, or that she owned a bake shop with friends. That’s adorable.

    As for the cranberries, it really depends on what you’re making! Something like muffins, where you want little “studs” of berries like jewels scattered in the batter? Yeah, frozen blueberries should do fine. But if you’re making like a jelly or pie filling, you can also use just about any other tart berry or even rhubarb.

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