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It Girl 4 Life by Tamara Branch

Paperback: 98 pages
Publisher: Heart Project Publishing; 1 edition (June 13, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0985964804
ISBN-13: 978-0985964801

“YOU have IT. IT is the GREATNESS you were born with.” – from the book
Writer, artist, and speaker, Tamara Branch serves up 40 bite-sized chapters on how to build unshakable self-confidence, honor your life and shine bright in the world, in ITGIRL4LIFE: How to bring out your special something and so much more. Packed with sage advice, life-changing insights, and affirmations to help you soar, ITGIRL4LIFE offers ideas, tools, and principles, that you can reference and build upon, supporting you in becoming your best. Get ready to fall in love with your own wisdom, beauty and strength.

The cover of the book says “how to bring out your special something & so much more.” And there are many steps inside the book to help you do that. The chapters are only 1-2 pages, but each can have a huge impact on how you value yourself.

The chapters cover topics like Love Yourself, Smile, Laugh Play & Have Fun, Celebrate Your Unique Beauty, Express Yourself As Only You Can, and Meditate. It’s full of motivational quotes and will help the reader begin to build self-worth and stop worrying what others think.

I loved this book, because it will help girls (and women) be the confident, happy, strong person you were meant to be. I plan on passing this book on to my granddaughter Alecia who is at the age where she’s very confident in some aspects of her life, and not very confident in others. She’ll be a teen next year and I think this book will help her a lot.

Would definitely recommend this for girls of any age.

  3 Responses to “It Girl 4 Life by Tamara Branch”

  1. Darn. My public library doesn’t have a copy. Bah humbug.

  2. Vicki, I enjoyed your review and really like the sound of this book! 🙂

  3. This looks like a fun read I adore the cover.

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