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Bend Your Brain: 151 Puzzles, Tips, and Tricks to Blow (and Grow) Your Mind by Lindsay Gaskins

Want to get your frontal cortex breaking a sweat? Make your blood pump to your cerebellum? Stretch your occipital lobe to its limits?

Then you need to bend your brain! This first book from the team behind Marbles: The Brain Store, a chain devoted to building better brains, offers puzzles and brain teasers to help enhance memory, build problem-solving skills, and reduce stress.

Since Marbles started helping people play their way to a healthier brain, they’ve sold, solved, and been stumped by more than their fair share of puzzles. Along the way, they’ve learned which puzzles tie people in knots (not in a good way) and which ones make the neurons downright giddy. With the help of their in-house team of BrainCoaches and access to cutting-edge neuroscience, they’ve designed these puzzles to keep your mind flexible and fit.

Arranged in five key brain categories—visual perception, word skills, critical thinking, coordination, and memory—Bend Your Brain offers a variety of puzzles ranging from mind-warming (easy) to mind-blowing (hard!):

• Connecting the dots? More like working your spatial-orientation skills.
• Identifying famous smiles? Flexing your visual memory.
• Taking a closer look at your keyboard? Coding, storing, and retrieving.
• Word-doku? Summoning cognitive abilities like appraisal, inference, impulse control, and evaluation.
• Word scrambles? Tapping your brain’s association areas.

Your brain is your most important muscle, so let the brain-building begin!

I love trivia, puzzles, brain teasers etc. so when I saw this book at Blogging For Books, I knew I wanted to get a copy.

Let me tell you, this book is hard. I’ve been doing brain exercises for years and still, some of the puzzles in this book were not easy. I loved that the book made me work my brain harder than I’m used to. There were times when I got frustrated, but I’m stubborn and wouldn’t give up. And when I figured a puzzle etc. out, I was happy happy happy! And yes, there were a few that I never did figure out, but I’ll keep trying until I do get them, at least I hope I will…eventually.

If you want a book that will challenge your brain, get a copy of this book now!

I love this book!!


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

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  4 Responses to “Review: Bend Your Brain by Lindsay Gaskins”

  1. Oh this sounds fun! I had a trial membership to Luminosity and really loved it but not enough to pay for it. I’ll definitely have to look for this book!

  2. I love puzzles too, but I’m not sure my brain can bend that far.

  3. Vicki, this does sound like a book that would be both fun and useful! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. (I enjoy playing Words With Friends on my phone and I wonder if that improves my brain power.)

  4. I always buy these kind of books and after a few weeks forget about them! Good luck with the harder ones.

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