Oct 042014

We LOVE Chili in our house!! I’ve made it with both name brands and store brands and it tastes pretty much the same. I have a few different ways I make chili (different ingredients) but this time I used:



3-5 lbs ground chuck, depends on if you like lots of meat or not…we do
(forgot to add it for the picture)
2 Seasoned Tomato Sauce For Chili
2 dark red kidney beans
2 light red kidney beans
2 chili beans
2 tomato paste
2 chopped chilies
1 mushroom pieces and stems
3 stewed tomatoes
3 envelopes chili seasoning
American cheese



Brown ground chuck in large pot . Drain.
Add back into the pot
Add remaining ingredients except cheese and stir


Simmer for 60 min. or until ready to eat.
(I also make this in the crock pot on low for 6-8 hours)

When it’s almost time to eat, add pieces of cheese, stir until melted
(forgot to take a photo)


We add more cheese to our bowls too, but of course I forgot to take a photo.

FYI: Since I was a kid, I’ve always eaten a peanut butter sandwich with my chili.
It’s gooood!

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  11 Responses to “Weekend Cooking: Chili”

  1. Whoa, looks like you are ready for a big ol’
    batch of chili! Looks like the perfect thing for our cooler weather.

  2. PBJ with your chili? That’s a new one on me :).

  3. I always make a big batch too — it freezes so nicely. We serve cheese on top, but I’ve never stirred it into the big pot. The PB with the chili is new to me too. We usually serve it over rice or have French fries on the side.

    • I know some restaurants serve fries with chili and cheese on top, but I would have never thought to have French fries on the side. I think I’ll give it a try next time.

  4. Oh my word, you’ve made me hungry for chili. I might have to make up a pot of that this week 😀 Thanks for sharing your yummy recipe and pictures.

  5. I love chili. I found a great recipe through Weight Watchers. You’d never know it was from Weight Watchers, it’s so good!

  6. I love a good pot of chili…and like to top it with Fritos and cilantro. I know, a weird combo! I like how you used 3 different types of beans!

  7. Peanut butter and chili! Oh my. Cheers from CArole’s Chatter

  8. My husband loves chili but I can’t get Gage to even try it!

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