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Whiny Whiny Rhino big (640x800)

Whiny Whiny Rhino by McBoop

Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Blue Blanket Publishing; 1st edition (July 31, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0990362310
ISBN-13: 978-0990362319

Can Tiny Tiny Rhino have a fun day? Or will all of his whining get in the way? If you’ve ever been worried to try something new, then Whiny Whiny Rhino is the book for you! From creative team McBoop, comes the story of the whiny rhino with the big head and the even bigger imagination.

What a cute book for any child who is afraid to try new things. Tiny will show them that all you have to do is try, and that’s when the fun starts.

The story is adorable, the illustrations are shiny, bright and bold. Told in rhyme, the verses are cute and would make a good book to use for teaching small children to learn to read.

The website has a lot of fun things to do… Tiny’s Blog, games, activities and even a shop where you can buy t-shirts etc.

I think any small child would love this book and highly recommend it to parents or grandparents who’d like to buy a good, positive book for the child in their life.

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  5 Responses to “Review: Whiny Whiny Rhino by McBoop”

  1. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read and review! Happy to hear you liked both the book and the website!

  2. This looks and sounds adorable!

  3. This really does sound cute! Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Vicki!

  4. I definitely need this book! I have a 4 year old who has a tendency to whine and is getting old enough where he understands what whining is. Plus I think he would like the silliness of it. Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for good kids books and this definitely sounds like one we need!

  5. Gage would LOVE this book. Gage loves books and is starting to learn some sight words.

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