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Travel The World In Books Readathon

Hosted by Mom’s Small VictoriesI’m Lost In BooksSavvy Working Girl

From The Hosts:
September 1-14, 2014. There is no requirement for how much to read, read as little or as much as you want during the two weeks. Just read!

Explore countries other than the one you live in. Read as much as you can of books set in a different country or by an author from a different country. Read for your own pleasure or learning, read with your kids or both. Travel the world from the comfort of your own home and learn about different cultures. Expand your horizons and show publishers that #WeNeedDiverseBooks to promote cultural understanding and diversity in our reading. Support diverse authors and books.

I’ll be tracking the books I read on this post.

There are also going to be mini challenges and giveaways, so that means lots of fun!

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Make a post with your goals and link them here
Here’s the Schedule

 My Goals:
Since I’m also doing the Travel The World In Books Reading Challenge, I’ll be starting with the same books:

1. The Dew Breaker by Edwidge Danticat. It takes place partly in Haiti, which is also where the author was born.

2. The Story Hour by Thrity Umrigar~ the author was born in Bombay, India


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  7 Responses to “Travel The World In Books Readathon Goals: September 1-14, 2014”

  1. Wonderful! Glad you’re joining the Readathon too. You’re a step ahead of me on getting your goals done. 🙂

    I look forward to chatting with you more next week, it’s gonna be great!

    • I was hoping to read more, but I’ve also joined The Sparrow Readalong that Trish @ Love, Laughter, And A Touch Of Insanity is hosting, so I thought I better not bite off more than I could read.

      Thanks for hosting!

  2. The Story Hour by Thrity Umrigar sounds compelling. Enjoy!

  3. This is going to be fun! Love your book picks!

  4. Hi Vicki,

    I really am tempted by this challenge, but I just know that I wouldn’t be able to commit to it fully, so I shall be tracking a few fellow bloggers posts and updates with interest.

    When I actually sat down and thought about it, I have already travelled to many parts of The World with my reading and could probably reel off at least half a dozen different countries, although I really do want to expand my reading of overseas fiction, as my experiences to date have all been so very positive.

    I hope that you have fun with this challenge and enjoy your first two books,


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