The Friday 56

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Aug 222014

Friday 56
Hosted by Freda @ Freda’s Voice
Palmetto Moon by Kim Boykin

Her cheeks are corpse white. He stifles the urge to run the backs of his fingers across them. Even dog sick, she’s the most beautiful woman Frank has ever seen.

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  13 Responses to “The Friday 56”

  1. How sweet. I don’t think I’ve ever been considered beautiful when sick! I hope you’re enjoying this one. I’ll have to go look it up!. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sweet #56 and the dress is so pretty! Happy Weekend!

  3. He must be madly in love with her. Sounds like a sweet story!

    Happy weekend!

  4. That’s sweet. He sounds nurturing. I’ll check this one out.
    Here is my 56 –

  5. Awww…very sweet.

  6. This sounds like a cute story!

  7. I haven’t even heard of this author, but that is a beautiful way to describe someone who is sick. I’m sure everyone would love someone to say that about them.

  8. Aww, sweetness is dripping off of these words, but I do wonder why she’s so sick.

  9. Sounds so lovely…being beautiful when sick. Now I’m eager to learn more. Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  10. Wow sweet! but I think I’ll skip this one as I prefer reading books with 1st person narrative. But is this book truly good? Then I might pick it up 🙂

  11. This sounds like a good read. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  12. That’s what it’s like to love someone 😉

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