Mar 042014

get fit tuesday 2014

Previous weight: 150.5
Current weight: 150.5

Still doing my step aerobics dvd

Walked everyday

Deep Breathing
Every day


Strength Training
Every day

Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Yoga


101 Health & Fitness Resolutions That Rock

Eating Resolution: Eat veggies/fruit with breakfast two times per week
I ate some fruit every morning, veggies twice

Water Resolution: Add some flavor by adding fresh fruit or cucumber slices

Cooking Resolution: Roast vegetables you normally boil, steam or saute
I roasted some cabbage and potatoes

Exercise Resolution: Plan an active weekend reunion with friends once a month

Tracking Resolution: Track your steps
Still didn’t wear my fitbit, but started wearing it again today so I can track my steps

Sleeping Resolution: Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday
Doing better, still not every day

Mind Body Resolution: Start your day with 5-10 minutes of meditation
Only 3 days

Linking to Readers’ Workout @ Joy’s Book Blog.
If you want to make 2014 the year you get fit, please join us!


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  16 Responses to “Fit Tuesday”

  1. Sounds like you did great this week! I need to get better on meditation. My job gets crazy bus in the summer and was I thinking that I need to meditate before I go so I don’t get so frazzled.

  2. It sounds like you’re on the right track! I add lemon and lime juice to my water.

  3. Sounds like you’re doing good!

  4. Maintaining weight is good. And I loooove cucumber water, especially in summer. I almost always add lemon or lime juice to my water because I hate how our water tastes. It’s filtered but it still tastes funky. Three days of meditation is more than many people who want to meditate accomplish. Cheering you on from the sidelines!

    • My water is filtered too, but it gets boring after drink so much. I figured I might drink more if it was flavored. I suppose I need to do it instead of just talking about it.

  5. I need to try roasting cabbage. In the winter, I roast broccoli and/or carrots at least twice a week, but I eat cabbage raw.

  6. You’re doing great.

  7. Weight control at our house got thrown off by sickness. 🙁

  8. You are doing great! I’ve only started tackling the weight so I know how hard it is to do everything all the time. Good luck!

  9. You’re doing so good! This horrible winter has disrupted my fitness routine of daily walking. And when that happens it’s so easy to let the weights, aerobics and yoga fall by the wayside. Now I need to get motivated again.

  10. This is great! It’s so important to take care of our health.

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