Fitness 2014: The Plan

Dec 312013

get fit tuesday 2014

Tomorrow is the start of a new year, so it’s time to forget the health and fitness goals you didn’t meet in 2013 and concentrate on how you can make 2014 the year you succeed!

I’ve come up with a plan that I think will work for me. I know there will be weeks that I don’t do some of the things on the list, but I also know that some weeks I’ll do more. I won’t beat myself up on the days I fall short, I’ll just pat myself on the back for the things I did and get on with it. No more negativity!!

So here’s the plan:
Cardio: 30-45 min. (mix of dvd’s)
Walking: 30 to 45 minutes
Deep Breathing, Stretching

Three x’s a week
Weight Lifting
Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Yoga


I saw an article, 101 Health & Fitness Resolutions That Rock @ myfitnesspal  the other day. Some of the suggestions I already do, some won’t work for me, so I went through the list and cut the resolutions down to 2-3  each.

Here’s what I ended up with:
Eating Resolutions:
1. Eat veggies/fruit with breakfast two times per week. Saute some spinach, peppers and onions to go with those eggs. You can even make some veggie & egg muffins for a quick grab-and-go veggie-licious breakfast.
2. Read one book about the food industry. Some of our favorites: In Defense of Food, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Fast Food Nation, Salt Sugar Fat.

Drinking Resolutions:
1. Add fresh fruit or cucumber slices to a pitcher of water for refreshing, calorie-free flavored water. We promise it makes drinking water more exciting.
2. Gradually cut down on the sweetener in your daily cup of coffee and be amazed as your tastebuds adapt.

Cooking Resolutions:
1. Plan out your meals every Sunday for the whole week. Write a shopping list while you’re at it to save time and money at the grocery store.
2. Instead of buying, bake sweet treats like cookies, cakes and pies. You’ll likely eat a lot less dessert if you have to make them from scratch.
3. Roast vegetables you normally boil, steam or saute. You may just like them better! Brussels sprouts are one of our favorites to roast.

Exercising Resolutions:
1. Try a new workout each month for the entire year. Some ideas: CrossFit, Zumba, boot camp, yoga, pilates, spinning, strength training and high-intensity interval training.
2. Plan an active weekend reunion with friends once a month. Think destination road races, a hiking trip, hunting with the guys, exploring a new city by foot, or bicycle.

Tracking Resolutions:
1. Stay hydrated. Set a water goal in MyFitnessPal and meet it by tracking your daily water intake.
2. Meet your fiber goal 4 days out of the week. When that becomes easy, try 5.
3. Track your steps. Studies show that 10,000 steps a day can have big health benefits, and simply wearing a pedometer can influence you to walk more. Connect a step tracking device  with MyFitnessPal and have your steps automatically sync with your exercise diary.

Sleeping Resolutions:
1. Set a bedtime–preferably 7-8 hours before you need to wake up–and stick to it.
2. Exercise early in the morning or mid-afternoon instead of late at night. Exercising too close to bedtime may interfere with your sleep.

Mind Body Resolutions
1. Take 5-10 minutes every morning to do a light meditation or quiet stretching before starting your day.
2. Learn a new skill. Study a new language, take a workshop in sewing, crafting, woodworking, sign up for a cooking lesson… the possibilities are endless.
3. Stop saving your china, silverware and favorite perfume/cologne etc. for special occasions. Enjoy what you love every day.


Starting next Tuesday, I’ll be posting my updates here and linking to Readers’ Workout @ Joy’s Book Blog. If you want to make 2014 the year you get fit, please join us!


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  1. Thanks for all these great tips! I just sent my mother-in-law the one about water.

    Roasting vegetables has worked really well for us. I make this dish twice a week with whatever vegetables I have around:

    Your plan for 2014 sounds great!

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