Dec 282013


Joyland by Stephen King

Set in a small-town North Carolina amusement park in 1973, Joyland tells the story of the summer in which college student Devin Jones comes to work as a carny and confronts the legacy of a vicious murder, the fate of a dying child, and the ways both will change his life forever. Joyland is a brand-new novel and has never previously been published.

I LOVE Stephen King. I’ve been hooked since Carrie in ’74. I love that his books have me looking over my shoulder and give me goosebumps. Even though this wasn’t a goosebump kind of book, it still had a fright factor to it and I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

I very rarely read a chunkster unless it’s SK, and I really loved that this was much shorter than most of his books.

The book had an even flow and I was pulled along through the story by characters that I thought were interesting from the start.

Even though this book was unlike the others that I love by King, it was still very good and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially those who have never read King before.

  4 Responses to “Review: Joyland by Stephen King”

  1. I may try this one, if it’s not too scary. I can’t read his super scary books.

  2. This sounds good. I love Stephen King’s books, but I may go for the audio of it, if the library has it.

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