Oct 052013


Every time I ask my son where he wants to go eat, he says “I don’t care”.
Next time he says that, I’ll know where to take him.

Saturday Snapshot

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  17 Responses to “Saturday Snapshot: Where Do You Wanna Go Eat?”

  1. That’s pretty funny.

  2. The perfect teenage eating place 😀

  3. That’s smart thinking!

  4. How hilarious! And great that you found it….thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  5. Too Cute. That seems to always be the answer I get when I ask the question?

  6. that’s pretty much the same deal at my house, I’ll have to seek that place out.

  7. I want that restaurant around here. Ha! Anne@My Head is Full of Books

  8. Wish we had one of those here!

  9. That is priceless! We need that restaurant by my house. Would make a few decisions easier!

  10. Good idea about your son. That is too cute of a restaurant name.

    THANKS for sharing.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  11. That is funny.

  12. oh my gosh that is so hilarious! I need to take my boyfriend there as well!

  13. Now that is interesting!
    Where is that located? 🙂

    And it reminds me of that song.

  14. Hi Vicki,

    What an original and innovative name, everybody knows someone who would fit in well there.

    Hubbie is always complaining about my decision making, saying that I always know what I don’t want to do or where to go, yet I am never any help at deciding what I DO want to do or where to go. He has always found this a frustrating trait which I seem to have developed, but after 34 years I guess he has come to accept it!

    Great Shot, thanks for sharing.


  15. LOL! Wish I had one of those around here.

  16. Ha ha! Love it!

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