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Debbie Maccomber’s Cedar Cove Cookbook

Now, from Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove Cookbook, you can relish in your own home the same superb meals found in Cedar Cove’s households. Charlotte Rhodes, one of the series’ most beloved characters, invites all fans of Cedar Cove, as well as anyone who enjoys classic home cooking, to join her in touring the town’s kitchens as she shares more than 130 of her treasured family recipes. (And she’s got plenty to tell you about the people of Cedar Cove, too!) You’ll find such mouthwatering dishes as:

• Justine Gunderson’s Grilled Salmon with Lime-Jalapeño Butter

 • Teri Polger’s Macaroni and Cheese

 • Charlotte Rhodes’s Cinnamon Rolls

 • Olivia Griffin’s Creamy Tarragon Chicken Salad

 • The Pot Belly Deli’s Broccoli and Cheese

 Soup in a Bread Bowl

 • And many more

 Whether you’ve just discovered the world of Cedar Cove or have devoured all the books, you can now partake of the town’s culinary traditions and cook just like Charlotte, her family and friends!

I love this cookbook! Lots of colorful photos and lots of great categories:

Breakfast at 16 Lighthouse Road with Olivia Griffin

Lunch at 204 Rosewood Lane with Grace Sherman Harding

Tea at 6 Rainer Drive and the Victorian Tea Room with Justine Gunderson Appetizers at 311 Pelican Court with Zach and Rosie Cox

Dinner at 44 Cranberry Point with Bob Peggy Beldon

Dessert at 50 Harbor Street with Roy and Corrie McAfee,

Easter at 15 Eagle Crest Avenue with Ben and Charlotte Rhodes

Fourth of July at 92 Pacific Boulevar

d and the Waterford Park with Troy Faith Davis

Thanksgiving at 74 Seaside Avenue with Bobby and Teri Polar

Christmas at 8 Sandpiper Way with Dave and Emily Fleming

The book starts with an Introduction from Debbie, then goes on to the recipes. Each section of recipes starts with an introduction from the Cedar Cove characters for that specific category.

Every recipe doesn’t have a photo, but the ones that do are clear and very yummy looking. None of the recipes look very hard or have a huge amount of ingredients. Most of them have items you’d already have in your pantry or fridge.

I got this cookbook from the library, but I liked it so much I’d like to own a copy.

There were quite a few recipes I wanted to try, but decided to start with the Tomato Soup with Fresh Basil and Swiss Cheese Pita Croutons first. I’ll be posting a review of the recipe within the next few weeks.

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  10 Responses to “Book Review: Debbie Maccomber’s Cedar Cove Cookbook”

  1. This sounds wonderful! I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Hi Vicki,

    I am not much of a one for cookery books and I am still not completely sold on the idea of ‘foodie’ fiction recipes and cookbooks, but I do have to say that all the dishes you list sound fantastic, I love macaroni cheese, although hubbie definitely wouldn’t touch it (he loves cheese off the block, but doesn’t like cooked cheese).

    Soup I could eat anytime and almost any flavour. It goes so well with my post about bread, although you really do need crusty bread to do the soup justice.

    Thanks for a colourful post and I look forward to your ‘soupy’ review!


  3. I haven’t read MacComber’s books but I love, love, love cookbooks from books. Sounds like a good one for fans.

  4. Intriguing scheme for a cookbook. I’ll look forward to your review!

  5. Nothing like a cookbook taken from a popular series with a great setting and interesting characters! Fun.

  6. I haven’t read any of Debbie Macomber’s books, but I know she has many much-loved characters. I was given a Desperate Housewives cookbook as a gift a few years ago, and it groups the recipes by which character on the show they were from.

  7. What a great way for fans to connect in a unique way with their favorite series. This sounds like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing.

  8. I love fiction peppered with recipes. I need to check this out.

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