Readers’ Workouts

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Jan 292013

Readers Workout

It’s been a really tough week for me. I’ve been dealing with some issues that drain me mentally and physically so my cardio wasn’t up to snuff, but I did get lots of strength workouts. I also didn’t do deep breathing exercises every day, but did meditate/pray every day. All in all it was just ok, and that’s very disappointing to me. On a good note, my daughter has decided to shed some weight and started walking every day in the evening. I’m thrilled about that!!

I’m also going to start using my Mio Active watch every single day. I love it and it’s a great help in tracking my fitness.

I’m happy to report that I’m still eating good. A few nights were meatless and my water intake is increasing. I ate more veggies, but not as much fruit as in past weeks.

I wish I liked tracking my food etc., but I don’t. It’s just not something that I want to do.

My scale has always been really accurate. Like within a range of .5 of my drs. scale. Well, last week it decided it’d had enough of me stepping all over it and is refusing to give me my correct weight. I can step on it and it’ll say one thing, step off and wait for it to clear and then step back on it and it’ll be a whole different number. I guess it’s time to get a new one.

I’ve also decided not to post my weight every week. Unless of course I loose 5 lbs. in a week. Then I HAVE to post about it. I’ll probably do it once every two weeks or once a month. I think I’ll just do it when I feel like it.

How often do you weigh yourself?

Are you a food tracker? Why/why not?

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to go check out the 12 K Fitness Challenge at Team Kickin’ It, hosted by Sheila of Book Journey!! It starts Feb. 1st, so get on over there and check it out! This is a fitness challenge that is do-able for any age, weight or fitness level.

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  1. I try to be a food tracker but I find that I fail in very specific circumstances…if I eat out at all, I lose all track of what I ate, and the weekends are a lost cause. I eat reasonably healthy all the time, so it doesn’t worry me when I don’t track, but it leads to really inconsistent results on the places I do track.

    I only ever weigh myself at the doctors office. I don’t believe in keeping a scale in my house, I just don’t think it’s healthy for me, so I base my overall fitness more on how my clothes feel when I wear them. Of course, that’s tough when I don’t wear my summer clothes in winter, so sometimes there’s a surprise the first few times I put them on each year!

  2. I like to use My Fitness Pal – its free and online and it is also available for your phone so you can scan item bar codes of what you are eating. I like to see what I have for calories each day… kind of a geek that way 🙂

  3. I weigh myself every day and put the number in a spreadsheet. I have my scale in kgs instead of pounds. All this is to promote thinking of the number as merely data, not some judgment on my character!

    I plan my food ahead of time, just scribbling it on the side of my daily to do list. Then tracking is just crossing it off when I eat it. On the occasions when I swap something out for my plan, I write down what I ate instead. This isn’t tracking that’s good enough for calorie counting, but it works well with exchange plans. I estimate portion sizes for many things. I measure things things that are easy to measure and easy to overeat — cereal and nuts, for example.

    Here’s wishing you a better week!

  4. There is always going to be up and down weeks. The key is to keep going. I HATE tracking my food. I wish there was a device that you could put into your mouth that said when you met your calorie limit and wouldn’t let you eat any more.

  5. Hi Vicki! 🙂
    I know exactly what you mean when you speak of how your mental state can impact the quality of your workouts. I am the same way. Even having irregular sleep patterns for more than one day can interfere with my workouts. Hopefully this week is better for you.

    I used the Lose It app with great success in 2010 to track my food and exercise–calories in and calories burned. I lost 30+ lbs. in about 7 months, so it worked! Then I hit a plateau, though… and even though I judiciously tracked my food for six more months, I didn’t lose any more weight, although I still had plenty to spare! I got frustrated and bored with tracking food so I stopped. I’ve kept my initial weight off since then, but now I’m ready to commit to tracking again to get rid of these last 20 lbs once and for all! I just recommitted myself today, actually. It’s annoying but it was so effective three years ago so I’m naturally hoping it will work for me this year, too!

    I weigh myself once a week. Sometimes more, but never less. I drive myself crazy when I weigh myself every day because there are some natural fluctuations that will make me 1+ lb more or less one day vs. another. Sometimes I still do it, though! LOL!
    My husband bought me a doctor’s scale the summer I was doing the Lose It app because they are the most precise and accurate scales. It is a bit of an investment but they will ALWAYS work properly. Gravity sees to that. 😉

    All the best to you!

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