Readers’ Workout

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Dec 112012

 Last week went a lot better than the weeks before. I walked a lot more, drank more water, and got more sleep. One night I went to sleep at 9 pm and for me that’s huge. I usually stay up until at least 2 am. I even did some deep breathing exercises a few times, but really need to do this daily.

One goal I didn’t meet was to try my new Pilates DVD. I went out of town 3 days with my daughter and that cut back on my exercise time,  but I plan on doing it this week.

One good thing is that my daily blood glucose levels have gone WAY down and I’m thrilled. At the start of last week they were in the mid 300’s. Now they’re in the low 200’s. I know, right?  Hopefully they’ll keep coming down and get in the normal range. That would be great!

So…for next week my goals will be:
Go meatless 2 days
Eat fish 1 day
Keep drinking lots of water
Do deep breathing exercises daily
Strength train 3 times
Do some sort of exercise using my BOSU ball
Do that Pilates DVD!


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  7 Responses to “Readers’ Workout”

  1. You are doing great. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great plan. So cool to see progress on your blood sugar numbers that quickly. That’s encouraging!

  3. Great job getting the blood sugar down!

  4. I think those are good goals. We’ve been talking about doing more meatless days at our house too.

  5. Congrats on the progress, it is always encouraging to have even little victories along the way.

  6. It must help to keep going when you see results like that!! Good for you for setting reasonable manageable goals. I like that you do it each week.

  7. Great to see that the steps you’re taking are working so well! It is so hard to change habits…I’ve been trying to do my regular daily exercises recommended by my chiropractor and I have to continually remind myself to get to them even though I know I feel better when I do them. Sigh. But, I have been vegetarian for 21 years and love eating meatless! There are some great easy recipes out there — try the Meatless Monday website, they have great ideas.

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