Me & My Twin

Nov 242012

 Since today is my birthday (and my twin brother), I thought I’d share a photo of us with our mom and 2 of the nurses. My mom had no idea she was having twins, so it was a big shock. She had to have us by C section, and was sedated for a few days. She had a rough pregnancy and was bedridden for the last 2 months, plus we were born premature. When she woke up they told her she had twins. Then she’d fall back asleep. Every time she woke up she’d ask if she really had twins or did she dream it.

She finally got her boy though…we have 3 older sisters!

My mom was the best mom I could ever have wanted. I love her so much and miss her every day.

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  1. Wow … I feel for your mom. That sounds really difficult … and then to find out that … SURPRISE … you are having twins must have bene quite a shock. Now that I’m a mom, I can relate to stories like this and feel her pain.

  2. Things were so different back then, weren’t they? That photo is a true treasure. Thanks for sharing it! Happy Birthday to you!!

  3. Awesome shots! I do recall the times before ultrasound when the sex, the size (and the number of babies) was a surprise. I didn’t have twins (for my fourth pregnancy), but was totally surprised by my ten lb. girl that I had by C-Section! Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog. Happy birthday!

  4. What a great memory photo! Happy Birthday!!

  5. What a beautiful picture to that captures a beautiful memory for you. Your mum looks beautiful in this picture. Happy Birthday to you and your brother 😀

  6. It’s hard to imagine that pregnancy was a such a mystery then and so much more difficult than today. Have a happy birthday, and I’m sure mom is smiling down on you.

  7. What a wonderful surprise for your mom! Beautiful photo. And happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday! What a sweet way to celebrate and share it with that picture. Sounds like your mom had quite a surprise but a really great one!

  9. Bear With Me…fascinating family…my mother was a surprise twin and I grew up hearing her story of fitting into a shoe box and being cared for by my great grandmother for the 1st month of her premie life….she outlived her sister and passed on at age 92.

    • Wow!! 92 is amazing! I too was little, only 3 lbs. I had to stay in the hospital long after my twin and mom went home.

      BTW: My son loves bears and has a huge collection.

  10. It’s a beautiful photo, but imagine the shock of finding you have two babies instead of one! I guess there’s a lot to be said for scans and stuff! My Snapshot is at

  11. Happy birthday. That must have been a shock for your mom.

  12. Happy Birthday. Although your mum was shocked to start with, it’s obvious from your comments that the shock quickly wore to be replaced by love! The gift she gave you both, along with happy memories, that will never fade 🙂

  13. Well I just had a baby last year and can’t imagine being sedated for days with two newborns! But she looks oh so happy.

  14. Happy Birthday, what a great picture, and wonderful story.

  15. Wow – what a start for you and your brother! And such a shock for your Mom! Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing.

  16. Nice that you have that photo – quite a trial she went through.

  17. Happy birthday.
    I’m an only child. I could not imagine having someone to play with all the time.
    The photo is a treasure.

  18. It’s hard to imagine that twins were a surprise at one time. Great photo.

  19. Happy belated birthday! That is a photo to be treasured. I can’t imagine not knowing ahead of time that I was having twins. It really is such a different time and technology gives us so much more. Although I can relate to her with the bed rest part. Did that with my second, no fun at all.

    • Thanks Holly! I had one very easy pregnancy and 2 hard ones, but not bad enough to be under bed rest. I can’t imagine that, especially having children to care for.

  20. She does look a bit shell-shocked but I’m sure it was the best surprise she ever got!

  21. What a great story! Happy Birthday.

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