Nov 172012

Saturday Snapshot

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  16 Responses to “Zephyrhills, Florida ~ Skydivers”

  1. I love how you managed to capture the 4 divers around the edge of your frame – nicely done 🙂

  2. Oh I just love this! The fluffy white clouds and the skydivers all willy nilly. Great shot!!!!

  3. Great photo! Did you know any of them?

  4. Skydiving looks like so much fun….I once dated a journalist who skydived and photographed himself on the way down.

    My daughter has skydived a few times.

    I’m a chicken! But I love your shot….thanks for sharing. Here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  5. Have you ever done that? I have NOT. My son did once, he said never again!!!!!
    Nice photo though!

  6. Great photo! Love the colourful chutes against the clouds. 🙂

  7. How fun! (Not the skydiving – the photo. You would never catch me jumping out of a plane unless it was the only option to survive.)

  8. This is very artsy, the way the photo doesn’t focus on one specific skydiver. Here’s Mine

  9. Wow! Theat’s a beautiful shot. There must be a day’s allowance in all that icing and decoration. My Snapshot is at

  10. verrrrry cool! thanks for popping by FHC ! this was a treat :))

  11. Oh to have the nerve to do that. I’ve always been fascinated.

  12. Great shot! Love the colors and clouds.

  13. You caught the color and the surprise in this event. Lovely.

  14. I love that!! It almost looks like action figures that my sons had when they were little that you could throw off the porch or from trees.

  15. Cute… a frame of sky divers. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is something you won’t ever see me do. Now if it were on fire… perhaps.

  16. Hi Vikki,

    I have been up in a hot air balloon, but that’s as close to sky diving that I ever want to get thanks!

    We shall be over your way in a few weeks, staying in Orlando, so make sure you keep those skies as blue as they are in your picture, won’t you?

    Great picture,


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