Dead Running

Oct 092012

Dead Running by Cami Checketts

Paperback: 246 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 21, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1475166605
ISBN-13: 978-1475166606

Cassidy Christensen is running. Running from the mercenaries who killed her parents. Running from a scheming redhead intent on making her life miserable. Running from painful memories that sabotage her dreams of happiness. With two very tempting men competing for her attention, she hopes she’ll finally have someone to run to, but can she trust either of them? When secrets from her past threaten her family, Cassidy decides to stop running and fight for her future. A light-hearted suspense with a side of PG-rated romance, Dead Running will have you lacing up your running shoes.

Dead Running can make a claim not many mystery/thrillers can, and that is that it is also really funny. While Cassidy is training, she runs across quite a few characters that are, well…characters. Each of them have their own quirky personalities, and Cami Checketts did a great job of making them grow on you. Even the bad guys are interesting and humorous at times. And Cassidy gave them some great nicknames that made them so easy to follow. I never found myself thinking “which character is that?”.

There are so many options when it comes to who the bad guy(s) is, that I was a little shocked when the truth came out. I like that though, a book is no fun when you figure it out before you’re finished with it.

I loved Cassidy’s grandmother. She was fiesty, but very protective of the people she loved. In fact, I loved everything about the book. There was murder, romance, family bonds, 5K training, humor, good guys, bad guys and an ending that left room for a sequel.

What could be better than that?

If you haven’t read this book, go get it. Now!! Don’t walk…RUN!


About The Author:
Cami Checketts is an idealist who dreams of helping children around the world but can’t keep up with the four in her own home. Cami lives in a beautiful valley in Northern Utah where she enjoys running, biking, and swimming during the two months of the year it isn’t snowing.

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A portion of the proceeds from Cami’s books will be donated to The Child & Family Support Center. For more information on this worthy cause, please go to


  4 Responses to “Dead Running”

  1. Thank you Vicki! I’m so happy you enjoyed Dead Running. I’ve been having so much fun writing the sequel, I love being in Cassidy’s head!
    Lo Johnston is giving away a print copy of the book right now if anyone is interested –


  2. Sounds good Vicki. I didn’t realize Utah had such wicked/long winters.

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