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Mar 242012

Make A Wish!!

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  1. Such astounding beauty, intricacy, and symmetry in the simplest of things!

  2. We have wildflowers here in the Sonoran Desert called Silver Puffs. I didn’t know that until I happened to find them in one of my reference books. I just thought they were silvery dandelions gone to seed! LOL

  3. Wish made! *bloooww* haha I love those dandelions. Great close-up.

  4. Lovely shot! I love flower close-ups.

  5. It’s beautiful, but I’m glad it’s not in my yard!

  6. Aren’t they amazing ‘seed packets’ … you’ve captured that fluff perfectly!

  7. They are beautiful, and very efficient when it comes to spreading their seeds. Not very popular with my gardening relatives though 🙂

  8. Dandelions are so magical! And I love that close-up. 🙂

  9. Ah, one of my favorite activities as a kid!

  10. That is an awesome photo!

  11. I wish…. *blows* 😉

  12. Elegant and beautiful in its simplicity.

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