Bucket List

Jan 292012

Read the Bible all the way through again
Climb to the top of a lighthouse (St. Petersburg)
Attend a big jam-packed rock concert (Lynard Skynyrd)
Do a Random Act of Kindness (fed a homeless man in NYC)
Watch 2 classic movies I’ve never seen
Learn Spanish
Travel on a train (from North Carolina to Florida)
Donate  books to the local library
Read 2 classic books
Visit a winery  St. Augustine, Florida
Play mini golf Orlando & St. Augustine, Florida
Join a book club (I joined 2 online book clubs and the one at my  library)
Make a cake for someone
Learn how to use my $1000.00 camera so the $ wasn’t wasted
Not log into facebook for a whole week
Learn sign language
See a Birth-Human or Animal (2 of my grandkids & lots of animals)
Go on a “Girls Night Out”
Make Kilah some Banana Pudding so she’ll quit bugging me (she LOVED it!)
Do something crafty my daughter and I each painted a butterfly picture
Milk a cow (man, that was weird!)
Send a message in a bottle

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  1. I visited the beaches of North Carolina last summer. They are so beautiful. I like your bucket list.

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