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Missing In Mexico by Stuart Gustafson
Book Details:

Publisher: AITE Publishing
Published: May 2011
Genre: Mystery Tourism
Sarah Johnson is a 19-year college freshman who, along with her roommate Mary, spent an extra week in Los Cabos, Mexico after a family vacation over the Christmas break. Unexpectedly, Sarah’s not on the plane back to Seattle, and her parents hire Stan, a seasoned Private Investigator, to locate her. Even with local help and some promising leads in the town of San Jose del Cabo, he’s unable to find her, and he returns to Seattle to inform the parents. Months later he receives a mysterious letter from someone who says she can help him locate Sarah, and he jumps on the next plane to Los Cabos. Will this be the lucky break he needs to find her? Or will she remain missing — Missing in Mexico?

Chapter One/Uno
Flight # 1476 from Los Cabos to Seattle
Saturday, January 5th
The voice over the intercom system announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, we trust you had a good time in Los Cabos, but it’s now time for us to take you back to the States. The cabin doors have been closed, and Alaska Airlines flight 1476 with nonstop service to Seattle-Tacoma is ready for departure.”
“Hey, wait. Sarah’s not here; we can’t leave without her,” the girl in seat 14A yelled in a frightened voice. Mary reached up and pushed the flight attendant call button even as the flight attendant was already headed toward her seat. “We can’t leave yet; Sarah’s still down there,” Mary continued, now reaching the point of hysteria.
“Please calm down, miss. Everyone’s already onboard. You can look for yourself,” the flight attendant said in a calm voice as she pointed to the window.
“What do you mean everyone’s onboard? Sarah’s not here; she should be sitting right here!” Mary pulled her tearing eyes away from the empty seat and looked out and saw that the boarding ramps had been pulled away from the airplane, but what she didn’t see scared her. How come Sarah’s not out there, running in a panic toward the plane? “Where’s Sarah? She was just there with me. Where is she? Don’t leave; Sarah’s missing!” Mary cried out as tears began flowing down her cheeks.
The annoyed passengers felt a jolt as the plane was being pushed back. They were ready for their flight home from Los Cabos. But Sarah wasn’t on board; she’s missing – Missing in Mexico.
familia (fă·mĭl’·ē·ă) – family. Hay cuatro personas en mi familia. There are four persons in my family.


My Thoughts:
How would you feel if your daughter never returned home from a family vacation? That is the fate of Sara’s parents when she disappears.
Missing In Mexico is a well written book, with very detailed descriptions of Los Cabos. You can “see” the city, it’s streets, shops and plaza because the author is so thorough in his descriptions.
I loved that each chapter begins with the chapter number, a word, and then that word used in a sentence, in both English and Spanish.
This book was a lot “tamer” than the mystery books I usually read, but I still enjoyed it very much. The story kept me guessing as to what I was going to find out. It was a very clean read and would be suitable for teens as well as adults.
I did find that about half way through the book had some misspelled words, but not enough to really bother me.
I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes a mystery that is clean and doesn’t have anything gory or violent happening.
Author Info:
Stuart Gustafson began writing in earnest after taking early retirement from the corporate world in 2007. His professional life involved travel and so it was natural for him to want to continue traveling once he didn’t have to travel as a job. Now when he travels, it’s for fun; it’s for pleasure; it’s to see new places in the world. The way he has chosen to combine his love of travel and writing is to write mystery novels set in exciting locations around the world where he likes to go.
His debut mystery novel Missing in Mexico is set in San Jose del Cabo at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, a charming location where he has spent 2-6 weeks each year for the past eight years. This is how Stuart researches his books, by immersing himself into the culture of the area, and getting to know the people and their charm. The best compliment Stuart has received was at a local event in San Jose del Cabo and some of the residents told him that Missing in Mexico was indeed about their town and would he please consider writing another book about San Jose or at least about Cabo.
His second mystery novel, set in Sydney, NSW, Australia, is already underway, and Stuart took five trips to Sydney in 2010 to conduct research of the area to once again ensure that the book, even though it’s a fictional mystery novel, would still contain authentic details. Publication date for that book is set for early 2012.
Stuart has been married for thirty-seven years to Darlene and they have one daughter and one son. Stuart and Darlene live in Boise, Idaho.
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  1. Thank so much for your review, Vicki! I'm glad you liked it :~) Thanks, too, for being a PICT Host!


  2. A clean mystery is rare. Thanks for sharing this review.

  3. I think this would be a mystery I could enjoy. Sometimes they can be a bit too graphic for me. Funny how sometimes graphic is okay and other times it really bothers me. I'll keep an eye out for this one.

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